1961-1968 International Harvester Travellette (Biodiesel) - Northeast Portland, OR

I think I just found new fav car

I think this thing has to be one of my favorites too.

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Hello Tiny HomeArchitect: Kevin Ward | Nanostead

Hello. I am the owner of Villagers, an urban homestead supply shop located in Asheville NC. In late winter of 2014, I was lucky enough to pair up with the good folks at Nanostead, to embark on this tiny home trailer project. I’ve set up this blog to share the journey with you. 

   - Natalie Pollard

Natalie is a fellow Tumblr Blogger in the process of a beautiful build happening now. The design of her home features a rare center-loft design which you may find inspirational or appreciate simply in it’s boldeness to rethink the current norm. I really enjoy her blog an I think you might also. I offer you these snippets below via her post “Why Tiny?


    …I insisted that all of my possessions should fit in the back of a van.

    Small quarters limit our ability to acquire. It creates a framework for making concessions and compromises. It helps us evaluate what is essential and worthy of our time, our money, our attention.

     It is truly remarkable how little I actually need to be content. I’ve been testing the boundaries of this, and have found for myself, the more that I own and the more that I want, the more burdened I feel. The conscious choice to live with less, for myself, is akin to freedom.

     There are plenty of inspirational quotes that say that far more eloquently. You’ve probably heard them.

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I just wanted to share this. I trully adore this man.
Best Things About Being Blind [x]

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